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  1. It is my sincere honor to write this recommendation on behalf of Ken Felix. For the last ten years, I have utilized the talents of Mr. Felix for multiple residential properties that I have owned, as well as commercial office space. Ken is personable, professional, sincere, and most importantly flexible and creative.

    He always seems to know exactly the look and style that I'm seeking without knowing myself. He has continuously proven to be an expert in design and repeatedly executed to perfection. Regardless of my project budget, I've found that Ken is open to being "creative" with the pricing and materials to ensure we meet the budget requirements without losing the aesthetic value.

    A chameleon of sorts, his specialty spans the full gamut, from traditional, to contemporary to Tuscan, he can design it to perfection. It has been my experience that many people can copy designs and attempt to reproduce, however, with Ken, he is truly an artist who has vision and creates ideas from scratch to meet and exceed your exacting specifications.

    I am honored to have worked with him for so many years and am certain your experience will be no different. It's refreshing to find providers who have passion for their work, and it shows with each project Ken Felix tackles.

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